“The importance of creating a relationship between you and the professor, that it’s okay to ask for help and not embarrassing, and I should utilize all my resources” -Berlindyne

“I wish I knew about the organizations, the connections you make are most essential in the opportunities you seek, and that stressing yourself out over grades and not trying to improve them will hurt you in the long run.”-Phyll 

“I wish I knew who I am and what motivates me.”- Jumoki

“I wish I knew that I was going to have to advocate for myself and how to network efficiently” -Chanyia 

“I wish I knew how expensive college was even after a scholarship and what I wanted to major in prior to coming.” -Jahne 

“I wish I knew how to save money, balance social and academic, and how to study efficiently.” -Tosin

“I wish I knew that college was a business/scam.”- Mya 

“College is hard and stressful. And you will be broke most times.” -Tykeia

“Everything that glitters isn’t gold. College is a time to meet people while pouring into yourself and yourself only. Figure out who you are before pursuing intimate relationships with others.” -Soni 

“I wish I knew that you weren’t allowed to pick your roommate, you have to pay extra to live in a dorm with AC or a kitchen, that you’re not allowed to pick your classes right away or by when you need them you have to wait your turn and if you’re a freshman that means you go (last) and there’s a chance you might not be able to get into the class you need” – Rasheeda

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